In the Beginning
I start "in dogs" with Collies as a teenager
long, long ago
I have tried to find some old photos that
have been packed away
and will add here as I locate them
Mandy - Me - Vickie
Me & Bambi
Brandwyne Monday's Child
Reserve Winners CCA
under Dr. Greathouse
I purchased Bambi as a puppy
from Trudy Mangels of Brandwyne
Collies in Connecticut
Bambi had balance and style
I began my interest in purebred dogs as a young teen with my love of Collies. At that
time I had a small group of high quality of Collies from the leading dogs of
Brandwyne/Gaylord, Glen Hill and Poplar/Tokalon lines.

I previously did not care for what I had seen in Shelties during the time I bred Collies
but found there had been a vast improvement in the look of the dogs that I was
seeing in the show ring. One thing led to another and I was fortunate to find
practically in my own backyard one of the matriarchs of the breed - Betty Whelen of
Pocono Shelties. It was from Betty that I obtained my first Sheltie. She was a tri-color
daughter of Banchory Passport of Pocono (a son of Ch. Banchory Backstop) and
her dam was Excalibur Touch A Star (a daughter of Ch. Banchory Thunder Blue).
This was "Keystone Merry Minx of Pocono".

I was looking for a sound dog with good temperament, good health background and
beauty. Conformation and head type was something I had learned years before in
Collies. You might say I was looking for that same quality in miniature. I found my
beginning with that tri female from Betty Whelen.

My tastes have been ever evolving and I find I admire all lines for their own special

My goals are the same as when I began years ago as a kid in Collies - to produce a
good looking, sound and healthy representative of the breed.
Pictured are "Gypsy" at 2 years (taken in 1983) and her sister "Pixie" at 4 months (in 1981)
Daughters of Ch. Kismet Classic of Pocono and Keystone Merry Minx of Pocono
Pictured above is our first Sheltie
Keystone Merry Minx of Pocono
with my oldest daughter