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Betty Whelen
Pocono Shelties

Do not stand at my grave and grieve;
I won't be there, I did not leave.

I am the Love in your Sheltie's face;
I am the Spirit behind his grace.
I am the Joy in his soft brown eyes
As over the ground he merrily flies!

I am the Pride in his show-ring stance,
As he lovingly gives you an encouraging glance.
I am his Eagerness in the Obedience Ring,
Only to please and success to bring.
I am his Happiness in pleasing you;
That's all he really wants to do.

So, do not stand at my grave and cry----
I won't be there; I did not die.
Betty and Lacy
in the Veterans Parade at the National
April 1991 in Indianapolis. They had a
standing ovation. Betty was 85
and Lacy was 12.
Another Tribute to Betty